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Over 40 and above designer monograms to select from.

Custom Clothing For Both Men and Women

Why Buy Ready Made Clothes When You Can Get Similar Clothes Customised for you At An Affordable Price. All Our Clothes are Custom made and Affordable.

             Our clothes are made by tailors with minimum 5 years of experience

Larry's  Original  Custom Tailor For Women Suits

      We can  also duplicate any style, just submit a picture or a sample garment.

All our garments are made from scratch, we take over 25 individual measurements to get one customised proper fit. Pick your own style such as single/ double breasted , classic, contemporary, traditional, conservative  etc. Over 3000 fabrics on display from england, France, Italy, Spain and the far east.

                                           Women Jackets,  Blazers and Casual Wear


                                     Larry's Original Custom Tailor Men's Suits


              We can  also duplicate any style, just submit a picture or a sample garment.

 Larry's Original Custom Made Tailors Men's Blazers, Tuxedos, Shirts


Larry's Original Custom Tailors

               Can custom make any style or clothes for you

Call for home/office appointments at no extra charge.

We visit all towns/cities for appointments in the state of Texas.

Call Ricky Malkani or Harry Malkani and book your appointment today to avail discounts for the fall/winter season and enjoy shopping at your convenience and avoid the rush.

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